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Edsel Gomez in Yola Nash's "Touched by Love" new studio album

August 26, 2020

Yola’s second studio album, “Touched By Love”, poised for release August 26, 2020, is a stunning collection of original songs. It's a crossover Pop-Jazz with songs written by Yola and acclaimed composers Dr. Octavio Vazquez and Dr. Graham Keir. Yola also experiments with poetry by featuring a poem ”Dance With Me” written by an award winning, brilliant Poet, Writer, Poetry Film Dir. Fella Cederbaum. Her songs derive from the depths of her personal experience and they paint the full spectrum of colors of human emotions. Often intertwined with love as the base for her powerfully personal songs. 
Her refreshing, sultry, emotional vocal style branches out into the realms of Pop, Jazz, Folk and Latin flavors. She involves the listener, provokes his/hers own thoughts and emotions and as she says: "I wanna take my listeners on a journey and touch their hearts, through my voice, my lyrics, my music and my personal story that took me from oppression to expression, from incredible adversity to triumph, from extreme poverty to extreme richness in my heart, from tears of fear to tears of joy".

On this highly anticipated new album Yola collaborates with extraordinary musicians, including: the multi-Grammy winning percussionist Luisito Quintero (also a member of legendary Chick Corea's band), Grammy nominated master accordionist Alex Meixner, an award winning jazz guitarist Dr. Graham Keir, accomplished bassist Dave Baron (known for his collaborations with Herbie Hancock) and Edsel Gomez, the multi-talented Grammy winning, extraordinary pianist, composer, arranger, former music director of Grammy winning jazz legend Dee Dee Bridgewater, who came on board to help produce together with Yola her new exciting Pop-Jazz album. 

"Touched by Love" drops August 26, 2020 on digital platforms and online stores. Visit for more info on her new album.

Edsel Gomez in Yola Nash's "Forbidden Love" album release party: News
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