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Edsel Gomez

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Service & Stewardship through Jazz Music

New York-based jazz pianist Edsel Gomez (Puerto Rican) is also a composer, arranger and musical director who has dedicated his life to his music, family and faith.  He believes that by constantly learning more about different cultures from around the world, his soul is enriched and he gains a deeper understanding of his mission as a musician -- that of service and stewardship through music.

Learn more about Edsel Gomez's journey:

  • His salsa roots on the streets of Puerto Rico to his formal music education at Berklee College of Music in Boston;

  • His 10-year stint making music in Sao Paulo, Brazil to settling down in Manhattan, New York for over 20 years now;

  • His world tours and jazz festivals with Dee Dee Bridgewater; Don Byron; Janis Siegel; David Sanchez; Jack DeJohnette, among others; to his tours with his own group the Edsel Gomez Triumvirate;

  • His Grammy nomination for his own "Cubist Music" album to his participation in Grammy-winning albums by Dee Dee Bridgewater, David Sanchez and Eddie Palmieri;

  • His fascination for Brazil, India, South Korea, Philippines, Mali;

  • His various roles as pianist, arranger, musical director, producer to his role as music educator 

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Chick Corea on Edsel's "Cubist Music" album

In this short video clip (0:59sec), Chick Corea answers the interviewer's question, "What are you listening to these days?"

This excerpt is part of the's YouTube video of their interview with Chick Corea for the tour of his Grammy-winning album with Gary Burton entitled "Hot House" in October 2012. YouTube Link --

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